Ixellcolor at the heart of performance

Ixellcolor, our tactile and connected intelligent scales help you to find and formulate colours and to manage your stock.

There is also a top-of-the-range version with several additional services: connection to a DMS, management of customer files, statistics…


IXELLCOLOR, the Ixell Internet- and spectrophotometer-connected intelligent scales



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Mid-range version

Productivity thanks to the Ixell Colour pack: Spectro + intelligent scales:

• Speed and accuracy when identifying the colour

• Easy to use

• Internet connection

• Immediate availability of the most recent shades and colour information

• Disponibilité immédiate des dernières teintes et informations couleurs


Top-of-the-range version

All of the functionalities of the mid-range version with several additional services:

• Connection to the main DMS (Dealer Management System) of the various countries

• Management of customer files

• Real-time monitors of the progress of repair orders

• Analysis of the cost of repair for each file

• Management of painting activity

• Multi-site management, multi-station painting and multiple inventories

• More in-depth stock control


Ixellcolor is a simple, complete and upgradeable tool:

• Pleasant environment in Windows

• Simplified stock control

• All manufacturer colours

• Up-to-date technical data sheets

• Catalogue of Ixell products

• Online Colorbook