All about bodywork, from nude metal to glazing

Created in 1976 and now present in 12 countries, the Ixell brand has proven itself to be an essential partner in all areas of the repair business. All bodywork, from bare panel to clearcoat. We offer an integrated system of products and services, covering all of your automotive bodywork/repair needs. 

  • Colour at the heart of our passion

From among our two paint ranges, choose the option to best suit your profile and benefit from Ixell colour technologies and tools, designed by and for colour professionals.

  • Expertise in all bodywork tasks

Ixell offers you an unparalleled product range and comprehensive expertise, from barepanel to clearcoat. The application of mastic sealant, glazing and body welding are all within Ixell's area of expertise. 

  • Local support on a daily basis

The local Ixell teams, which are dedicated to the brand, have been formed to assist you in all aspects of your profession. They can provide you with advice regarding the most suitable tools and working methods to increase your quality and productivity.